Wind & Sea

By Vitoria Perez

Photo taken by Vitoria Perez

Photo taken by Vitoria Perez

Kolmar Street is lined with palm trees, where I leave my worries, as I decent down to Windansea Beach. Windansea is a little sparkle in the jewel of San Diego where wind and the sea fuse together perfectly. There’s a wooden staircase that leads to a large piece of sandstone with built in love seats. The soft sand continuously stretches cross the coast. The ocean and sky caress each other to where you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins—limitless.

Part of what makes this beach so special is the respect that visitors give to the area and those around them. No unreasonably loud noise, pups aren’t allowed between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. so no paws will pounce on your towel and no littering is permitted. It’s a major surf spot with powerful waves that aren’t always safe for swimmers. There is even a historical landmark in the form of a handmade shack built in the 1940’s to represent the breezy lifestyle at Windansea.

Bengt E Nyman

Photo by Bengt E Nyman, Flickr

I’ve buried by little nephew deep in the sand of this beach with a mermaid tale to top it off. I’ve seen a lady lose her Nikon camera to a wave on this beach. I’ve been kissed, sunburnt and hungover on this beach. I’ve eaten the most amazing salmon sandwich accidentally sprinkled with sand on this beach. I spent my 19th birthday and had a wave crash over me on this beach. I’ve snuck a few bottles of Shocktop on this beach with my cousin. I’ve cried once, laughed till I couldn’t breathe and spent an entire day at this beach.

I have yet to live on Kolmar Street and make this beach my permanent home.

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